CaputoNewIt is always good to hear from Jack Caputo. This is his keynote lecture from the End of Religion conference which HBC partnered with Villanova University to bring to your ear buds. After Jack drops some of his wisdom there is a panel featuring Westphal, Robbins, and Simmons. It is sure to prick your imagination.

Don’t forget that Captuo and I are both going to be at Subverting the Norm III November 5-7th in Springfield, MO. You can get a sweet sweet discount with the code HBCSTN. Then you can join us, Catherine Keller, Peter Rollins, and more.

Not only that but on November 4th there will be a one day event with Caputo and me – A Theology Nerd Bootcamp: When Philosophers Speak of God. We will be needing out throughout the day and finish it off with some beverages and relaxed covo. Sign-up HERE and reserve your spot.