Usually we’re content to talk pop culture, a little news and some theology sprinkled with anatomical humor and the like, but this one goes out to all the geeks in the podcast tribe who like digging down into sticky topics and really think them out.

iran dealThis special episode is entirely dedicated to a debate facilitated by Christian Piatt about the nuclear deal being negotiated with Iran. Christian welcomes Jeremy Courtney, head of the Preemptive Love Coalition, and Mark Tooley, Director of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. Tooley and Courtney take a conservative and progressive position, respectively, on this very complex and important deal – one that Courtney argues in the discussion could be the most important policy decision made in his lifetime – and help us understand the strengths, weaknesses and future of this agreement.

Some of the audio is a little jittery since Mark Tooley is located across the country and Jeremy Courtney actually moved to Iraq to work full time in the Middle East. These guys are contributors to everything from CNN to TIME Magazine, the New York Times and BBC, among many others; fuss it to say they know their stuff. So hang with the technical hiccups here and there and check out our first-ever CultureCast throw-down.

Oh, and make sure to let us know what you think! Want to hear more discussions like this? Want us to stick to being the Gospel and fart jokes? Your opinions matter. Well, most of them. That one guy, I’m not so sure…

Check out more about Mark Tooley and his work at, and read more about the Jeremy Courtney and the Preemptive Love Coalition’s position on Iran at

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