gungorWGFLive shows are always a blast, but the LIVE CultureCast at Wild Goose festival was a new kinda awesome.

First, we chatted with Lisa Gungor about everything from their new three-album project to being judged by fundie fans and the challenge that was 2014 (hint: album one in the three-album set, “This Wild Life,” was inspired by that rather hellacious year). Then her husband, Michael Gungor, jumped on stage with his guitar and they shared two pretty incredible songs from the yet-to-be released album.

And yes, you can hear them here. You’re welcome.

Next, we welcomed Romal Tune, Tony Kriz and Leroy Barber, the other three of the “Four Bald Brothers” along with Christian, to talk about their new folically challenged project. But in no time, we wrangled them all into a game show fellow cohosts Josh Linton and Micky Scottbey Jones called “The Newlywed Game: Just Friends Edition.” Needless to say the brothers were all love and unity until there were points on the line. Then it was on!!!

And since Amy was back in New Mexico enjoying vacation, Christian and company hijacked “fear of the week.” Suffice it to say that these fears, though maybe moderately creepy, demonstrate why Amy’s the queen of all fears.

Thanks to the more than 130 friends who joined us for laughter, music and a cold one under the Justice Tent at this year’s Goose. If you were here right now, we’d give every last one of you a big smooch (well, except for the guy who ‘woohoo’d’ for every single thing on the show. We think maybe he had one too many and we don’t kiss people with stinky beer breath.

And of course, thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary for their ongoing and generous support of the show. In all seriousness, we couldn’t have done this gig without them. So if you’re considering your nudge to do something related to social justice, faith and feminism or straight up congregational ministry. Phillips is a must to check out.

Next up: Columbus Ohio with a two-fer set of back-to-back shows July 20-21. If you’ll be in the area, and especially if you’ll be a part of the Disciples’ General Assembly, come join us for the second night, which hasn’t yet sold out. Guests include Phil Snider, Adam Phillips, Andy Goebel, Andra Moran and Trey Pearson. And we’re super stoked to be doing these as joint shows with the Homebrewed Zen Master, Tripp Fuller. It was awesome.

Gonna be some kinda fun, kids.

After that, kick back with us in Portland, Oregon for another live show at Marmoset Music, one of our favorite venues in town. Our guests will include Wm. Paul Young and local musical favs Del Phoena. And for the first time ever, we’ll have a comedian doing a bit of stand-up for us too. Can’t wait to hear what kind of good grins Nathan Brannon has to drop on us. Oh, and as always, beer.

Yeah, we thought that might seal the deal. GET TICKETS HERE.