EoR_PosterIt’s time to discuss “The End of Religion!”

Not only that but Jeff Robbins give us four theses on the radical theology of the future. Robbins is a professor of religion and philosophy at Lebanon Valley robbins
College, infamous radical theologian & the reigning “Best Hair in the Humanities” champion.

Robbins returns to the podcast as one of four lectures tackling the ‘end of religion’ as part of a series partnering with the religion department of Villanova University. The four lectures include Jeffrey Robbins, Jack Caputo, Aaron Simmons and Merold Westphal.

If you dig what Jeff is up to then check out his previous interviews here on HBC where we discuss The New Materialism and his guide to advent.

Also be wise and look at all these EPIC texts he has written. There is no reason not to own and read Religion, Politics, and the Earth: The New MaterialismIt’s delicious reading.