Bo Sanders wraps up his first tour of duty on LectioCast with a four-point sermon on being God’s beloved children and a disclosure of something that only his therapist knew before. This week we see the arrival of all sorts of kings, from God to David to Jesus to us.

Texts for the Week include 2 Samuel 6, Psalm 24, Ephesians 1:3-14 & Mark 6:14-29.

2 Samuel 6: The kingship of David evolves: military power and priesthood. Is he exceeding his boundaries or growing into a larger blessing? Follow us through the complexity.

Psalm 24: Daniel and Bo go crazy thinking about ways that the king of glory might arrive: in the Temple, in Jesus, in the exaltation, and in our world. The sacredness of God’s holy place can blow up to fill the earth.

Ephesians 1:3-14: Bo goes hardcore gospel on us and drops an impromptu four-point sermon on what it means to be embraced into God’s family. Then Daniel takes the special particularity of the family and looks for it to overflow to the whole earth. (And this is where you loop back to Ps 24…)

Mark 6:14-29: JRDK comes out of the gate with a HUGE spoiler. You’ll have to listen though, because the only thing worse than a spoiler is a spoiler telling you what the spoiler said. Bo opens up to us as he has only before opened up to his therapist. If you can get through all that, there’s some awesome entrees to the Jesus story and the kingdom of God.

Book alluded to: David Lamb, God Behaving Badly

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