anonymousCultureCast cohost Christian Piatt is a geek when it comes to tech stuff. From gadgets to all things virtual, he’ll talk himself some ones and zeroes until the Minecraft cows come home. This week, our guest is professional hacker Mike Collins, who explains everything from Cyberterrorism to Silk Road, the Dark Web and why your car/phone/blender(?) are your worst enemies. It’s all we could do to get Christian to stop asking questions, but if you’re a fellow tech-head, you’ll be amazed by what you don’t know about the devices and culture all around you.

The CultureCast crew also tackle the recent shootings at Emanuel Church in Charleston, the amazing Grace the victims have shown the shooter, and the Amazing Grace President Obama sang as part of his address to the walking wounded in one of the hardest-hit epicenters of recent outbursts of such violent racism.

But fear not, my fellow casters. The intrepid trio faithfully reverts to trivial nonsense and yummy pop culture tidbits. So whip out that napkin, tuck it in your shirt and dive into this most recent serving of Homebrewed CultureCast deliciousness.