Tripp & Greg talking in 2013
Tripp & Greg talking in 2013

It is time to start preparing for the Presidential Election!

Ok that might not be super exciting news BUT that won’t spotty rest of your water cooler from talking religion and politics in the near future. Luckily our favorite ex-pastor and religious journalist Greg Horton has agreed to join the podcast for some nerdy fun.

In this episode we talk about our not-so-Christian nation, the confederate flag, USA flag in sanctuaries, wedding cakes, love of science, the most BA Pope, how to apply a religious label and other goodies. Listen and then holla back on the SpeakPipe to let us know what we should talk about next on an election year update.

Greg Horton is a freelance writer and professor of English, Humanities, and Philosophy. He lives in Hortondowntown Oklahoma City in a substandard apartment that befits his status as a member of the fourth estate. He has published more than 800 articles (for real money) on topics as wide ranging as religion, wine, travel, politics, culture, music, and arts. He is most often on twitter, but fb remains open on his browser, too: It may be that he will finally update his blog soon, but since it doesn’t earn money, maybe not: Over a period of about 15 years, Horton worked for three different church staffs in three different traditions, including a brief, mind-numbing stint as a senior pastor. Somehow, he has managed to turn degrees in Bible (B.S.) and Religion (M.A.) into actual non-religious credentials.