unnamedRecently you heard Brian McLaren and Bo talk about an upcoming conference in Los Angeles we are all gonna be a part of. I am soon excited about the event I thought I would tell you THREE different ways you can be a part of it.

1. Come to the full conference, meet all the Process legends from the podcast and join Brian and I’s track called New Way for a New Day. As part of our track you will be meet in a small group with us multiple times during the event to take the larger themes and focus them on the Christian community in its various forms.

2. Join all day Saturday for just $29 bucks. Think of it like the greatest hits of the Pando experience plus a session with Brian and I where we attempt to keep up with the brilliance Bill McKibben and Catherine Keller already brought.

3. Come for all six free lectures. Info below.

Conference for the Planet

Join us in Claremont on June 4-7

Free Lecture Series by some of the world’s most renowned environmentalists, including:

Bill McKibben, June 4 – 7pm, John CobbJune 5 – 9am, Vandana ShivaJune 5 – 7pm, Herman DalyJune 6 – 9am, Sheri LiaoJune 6 – 7pm and Wes JacksonJune 7 – 9am in Bridges Auditorium, Pomona College 450 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711.

You can also attend the Pando Populus Saturday-only sampling of the eco-conference’s cutting-edge artists, activists, academics, documentarians, theologians, and sustainability experts for $29 by registering here. (Registration is also still open for the full conference.)

For more information: PandoPopulus.com