screamBe afraid…be very afraid…

No, wait. Don’t do that. That’s Amy Piatt’s job. How about just checking out part two of the awesome LIVE Homebrewed CultureCast instead?

We dispensed with all the serious stuff in the first half (if you didn’t check that out yet, CLICK HERE), so now it’s time for a new segment, called Stranger Than Fiction. In it, we read five religiously-themed news stories and see if our esteemed guests, Steve Chalke and Doug Pagitt, can tell the real deal from a pile of crap we made up our very own selves.

See if you can do better than they did…which won’t be too hard, trust me.

Then we drop some hot, fresh recommendations on you, from the movie PRIDE to summer tunes to fill your ear-parts and tickle your brain-pieces. And I’ll give you a hint; if you listen to this episode, you’ll hear some of the recommended music live. Well, it was live when we recorded it, anyway. What do you want from me???

Finally, we dig down to the bowels (eww) of fear with Amy Piatt, who never ceases to churn out new tidbits to add that necessary twinge of horror to your day. Yaknow, just to keep it interesting and stuff. But it turns out Christian shares this week’s fear as well.

Wait…Christian has feelings?IMG_4767

And though the crowd is a little more chatty and raucous during this half (there were adult beverages involved, after all) there’s tons of good live music once again from Portland’s own Horse Feathers and Minneapolis’ resident artist, Heatherlyn.

We’ll get back to the studio soon enough (and by studio, we mean sitting around the laptop in Christian’s office), but honestly, it’s a lot more fun to talk smack and drink beer with 100 or so of our closest friends…or at least 100 people who heard about the awesome CultureCast pint glasses and came a-runnin’. Either way, we’ll take it.

Want to get one (or twenty) of these groovy CultureCast pint glasses in your own hot little hands? Email Christian at cpiatt (at) christianpiatt (dot) com. He’ll do you right.

Special thanks to our esteemed sponsors: Phillips Theological Seminary, Basecamp Brewing Co., Marmoset Music and Kill Rock Stars Records. You folks are super groovy.