From Left: Doug Pagitt, Steve Chalke, Amy Piatt, Slim Moon, Christian Piatt

Are you sitting down? Good, cause this show is pretty sure to rock your shorts clean off.

And if you’re at a coffeeshop, goofing off at work or the like that could be a little awkward.

But Christian, you ask, pray tell why this show would rock me out of my clothes more so than the average Homebrewed CultureCast? BECAUSE IT’S 110% LIVE BABY.

That’s right. We brought Oasis Church’s Steve Chalke in from the UK, Solomon’s Porch’s founding pastor Doug Pagitt from Minneapolis along with his partner-in-crime singer/songwriter Heatherlyn, and a bit of homegrown Portland fabulosity by sprinkling the inimitable Justin Ringle and Nathan Crockett of the band Horse Feathers on top of this sundae of theo-cultural deliciosity.

Justin Ringle and Nathan Crockett from Horse Feathers

All of this, natch, is hosted by your tried and true CultureCast sherpas: Amy Piatt, Slim Moon and yours truly (no that’s not my name, it’s Christian Piatt. Duh.).

We descended on Portland’s own Marmoset Music like a podcast-borne siege of near-Biblical proportions hammering the earholes and mind-parts of those in attendance with some CultureCast goodness, all happening right before their very eyes.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little bit of hyperbole, but it was pretty awesome. Don’t believe it? Check for yourself.

Can’t get enough? Have to listen on to hear who wins, who claims the proverbial conch and rises high above the culture-carnage to reign supreme atop the mountain of virtual corpses left in his or her wake?


Well then you’re just gross. Have you no sense of decency? GAWD.

If, on the other hand, you just want to dig a little deeper into the live CultureCast haps, stay tuned for the second half of the show, coming soon to a blog post, RSS feed, Stitcher channel or iTunes subscription near you.

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Extra special thanks to Adam Phillips, our show’s producer, Jeff Simmons/Caravan Recordings, the sound Svengali and Caedmon Michael for working the door with vigilance. And we could not have pulled this off without our sponsors: Phillips Theological Seminary (I’m starting to think those guys like us), Basecamp Brewery (nom nom nom) and Marmoset Music for this stellar support. 

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