IMG_1029Did you know that God is Unconscious?

I didn’t until Tad Delay told me. Here’s the thing, it is superWIPFSTOCK_Template sexy for nerds to talk about psychoanalysis, Freud and Lacan. Clearly Zizek can use them to write really sweet movie reviews but if you were wondering just what happens when psychoanalysis and theology hang out you need to read this book!

Tad has written an accessible that by its end will have you thinking thoughts you had no idea how to think before you IMG_1031started.

Tad is a friend of the show and fellow PhD candidate at Claremont. His book is so good and the ideas so deep that just one interviewer was not enough – we had to get three! Tripp, Barry Taylor and Pete Rollins (who wrote the forward to Tad’s book) sit down to chat with him.

You will also notice the sweet cover illustration by our Elder of Graphical Sweetness – Jesse Turri.