AndraSuzanneI tell ya, one week without our cohost Slim Moon around and it all turns to chaos.

Well, not really, but we missed him this week. Sitting in for him is our buddy, Rev. Adam Phillips, pastor of the much-publicized Christ Church Portland, who got kicked out of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination for being too inclusive. You heard me right; there go those crazy Christians, welcoming everyone into the community again.

So what to do once you’re all together, you ask? Dig Suzanne Castle’s worship expertise (as explicated in super practical ways in her worship book, BRIM, co-authored by worship leader Goddess Andra Moran) as she helps us figure out what it means to immerse people in a worshipful theopoetic. No, you don’t have to recite poetry like in sixth grade when they forced you to regurgitate the entire Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, while your prep school buddies snickered. Oh, just me? Anyhoo…

We also delve into other critical issues, like why the Piatt house has become a flophouse for wayward ducks, why “House of Cards” Frank Underwood is a badass, and why (sadly) Franklin Graham is not. Good news is that Lisa Sharon Harper, who takes him to town, is 100% badass material. So it all kinda balances out.

And yes, of course we have your much beloved recommendations and a hearty does of the Fear of the Week. Fear not!!! Yaknow, because we’ll do all the worrying for you. You’re welcome.

Speaking of fear, Christian put on his big boy pants and finally got the tattoo of his dreams, up and down his forearm. Haven’t seen it yet? Don’t worry, ’cause he’ll show you on the podcast.