wgwpromoIt’s official; the Piatt household has been declared a biohazard zone. With three of the four of the Piatt clan beaten down by a spring sickness, cohost Slim Moon wisely opted to keep his distance. But dammit, we have an interview just too good to wait, so Amy and Christian muscled through, tissue and drugs in hand (All over the counter, mind you).

Apologies for the atypical structure and abbreviated nature of this one, but if you can’t handle the Piatts hacking and wheezing their way through the first bit, jump ahead to the good stuff.

What good stuff might that be, you ask? Good question.

We’re pleased and honored to welcome Wm. Paul Young, author of the international mega-bestseller THE SHACK back to the CultureCast, along with first-timer Reba Riley, author of “Post Traumatic Church Syndrome, hitting shelves this August, thanks to Simon & Schuster.  Reba, Paul and Christian have a three-way chat session about the upcoming Pacific Northwest tour they’re all doing together called “Where’s God When…

When? When What??? Well you’ll just have to listen, now won’t you? That or click the link above, if’n yer in the cheatin’ kinda mood.

And rest assured that as soon as the local Hazmat team deems the Piatts are allowed back out in public, Slim will rejoin them for your tried-and-true Homebrewed CultureCast shenanigans.

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Why so much love for so little? Well, we blush when we admit it, but we kinda like you.