Homebrewed Christianity Presents:
The Great Debacle: Did God Kill Jesus? OR Did Jesus Kill God?
LIVE ONLINE EVENT: Saturday, April 4th (10:30am – 12:00pm PST)
[Neither a debate nor a conversation] with Tony Jones & Peter Rollins

In this most momentous of debacles, two intellectuals will engage in a public display of online streaming rhetoric. Their nimble wit and snarky asides will have viewers pulled back and forth as they wrestle with the meaning of the cross.

  • Why did Jesus die?
  • Did God kill Jesus?
  • Did Jesus Kill God?
  • Did all meaning die on the cross?
  • Was meaninglessness embraced on the cross?

These questions and more shall be explored as Tony Jones and Peter Rollins engage in #TheGreatDebacle. Tripp Fuller will moderate and likely explain how they should really just agree with him.

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Tony Jones is the author of Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution, is theologian-in-residence at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, and teaches theology at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Tony serves as a senior acquisitions editor at Fortress Press, curating the Theology for the People line of books. He’s developed an iPhone app called Ordain Thyself.

Peter Rollins is a provocative writer, philosopher, storyteller and public speaker who has gained an international reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion and forming “churches” that preach the Good News that we can’t be satisfied, that life is difficult, and that we don’t know the secret. His new book is The Divine Magician and it is better than his other books.

Tripp Fuller is the Homebrewed Christianity Pod-father, audiological provider for the neighborhood theology addict & president of the John Cobb fan club. He is ABD for his PHD in Philosophy of Religion and Theology at Claremont Graduate School and is busy writing what is sure to be his Mom’s favorite book on Jesus The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, Lord or just freaking Awesome.