You know, being the resident Biblical scholar* here at Homebrewed Christianity, I can tell you that Romans 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of your mind which I’m pretty sure is a prophetic reference to a mind-renewing gathering called TransFORM taking place this April  23-25 in Washington, D.C. One of our podcast sponsors, Wesley Seminary has partnered with Transform Network for the Transform Network National Gathering on Urban Ministry and Transformation.

I, (Micky ScottBey Jones) will be there facilitating the event and I would love to see you there. This gathering is different than some of the more academic events Homebrewed deacons frequent. We absolutely nerd it up, and still dialog with the best of those engaged with the practicality of hurting people and unresolved injustice. Here, we talk about loving our neighbors, mixing up (brewing up) our own theologies and challenging established paradigms and the Transform Network gathering is a place where disparate ideas and theologies are held in tension as we learn together so these things can actually begin to take shape.

No matter what context you live, work or do ministry in, this gathering and the people involved in this event will leave you challenged and somehow also encouraged that we can actually come together to theologize, engage for justice and move beyond theory to transformative action.You may remember the zesty and hilarious Homebrewed Live 3D that came out of last year’s Transform Network gathering in San Diego. It is just one slice of the incredible time we had together.

While we won’t have a 3D at the event this year, we will have amazing speakers like Rev. Dr. William Barber III of the Moral Mondays movement, Lisa Anderson from Auburn Seminary, Dr. Douglas Powe, Jr. of Wesley Theological Seminary, Jennifer Butler, founder of Faith in Public Life, theologian Robyn Henderson-Espinoza and many more that you can check out at I will be there, so come see me and I will be sure to give you a special blessing as only the Elder of the Year can do.

You can register now at the Transform Network site using the deacon discount code HBX for $50 off your registration – which will make registration less than $150 bucks! Hope to see you there!


*I’m just kidding. I am not a Biblical scholar (yet) but I would sure love to play one on t.v. Let me know if you know of any casting calls.