After a quiet couple of months (Bo was studying and Tripp was traveling) the podcast roars back to life in the next couple of weeks!HBC

HBC Monday sees the release of ‘Did God Kill Jesus?’ with Tony Jones talking to Tripp from the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference.

TNT Monday is the TheoPoetics Book Release Party of ‘Way To Water‘ with Callid, Micky and Bo.

Later this week Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Joseph Cheah do a theological examination of a cultural phenomenon with ‘Gangnam Style‘.

Doug Pagitt has ‘Flipped’ with new book. Bo and Tripp did a live event last month with Doug and that will be on the TNT later this week.



After Easter,  Callid and Bo chat with Bonnie Miller-McLemore about Practical Theology and unveil their new project for this Summer.

The TNT after Easter will have some highlights of the Great Debacle – Did God Kills Jesus or Did Jesus Kill God? from this coming Saturday’s event.


Also – Bo returns to the blog this week with a 3 part series claiming that “Theology’s Future Has To Be Better Than Its Past”

Part 1: The Future’s Problem Is Its Past

Part 2: Christians Should Never Con-Serve

Part 3: Against Phronesis

If you missed it – Bo was on FreeStyle Christianity to answer Tripp’s concern about Practical Theology being too practical …


We are excited to unveil some new partners and projects in the coming months.
We look forward to hearing from you as we rev things back up this month!