SegallI (Jesse) recently chatted with one of my favorite ecophilosophers, bloggers, and youtubers, Matthew David Segall.

Matthew is a a doctoral candidate in philosophy and religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. His knowledge of the history of philosophy is expansive and the synthetic approach exemplified in his work is imperative and extremely valuable.

We cover a ton of topics including Matthew’s spiritual and philosophical influences/background, his transition from scientistic atheism to Buddhism to Western Esoteric Hermetic Christianity, his understanding of the relationship between science, philosophy and religion in the west, his interest in Carl Jung, Whitehead, Schelling, and esoteric thinker Rudolph Steiner and how they exhibit what Matt calls “etheric imagination.” We also talk about science and art, psychedelics, consciousnesses and Eucharist, capitalism and the ecological crisis and the talk he’ll be giving at the upcoming Whitehead conference in Claremont this summer.

February 26th at the Level Ground Film Festival in Pasadena SoCal.
March 4th – Live Podcast w/ Doug Pagitt @the Loft in LA.
March 13 & 14th at 
Villanova University, PA. The End of Religion? Faith in a Postmodern Age. Featuring Jeff Robbins, Merold Westphal, and John Caputo
March 18th in Chicago – Theology Nerd Bootcamp w/ Tripp & Scott Paeth
March 19-21st in Chicago at Progressive Youth Ministry Conference. EPIC live podcast on Friday night sponsored by our friends at Phillips Theological Seminary