Peter Rollins and I may not be able to do atheism for lent this year because we are going to be reading the Apostle Paul… along with some philosophers who are into Paul. You should think about joining us in this High Gravity online class. It’s over 10 hours of geekdom streamed to your computer on the cheap.

The class will begin on March 2nd with a Paul & the Bible ‘teach-in’ with NT Professor Daniel Kirk. Daniel is a popular podcast guest, Fuller Seminary Professor and author of Jesus have I loved but Paul? During the extended session we will look at Paul historically and examine articles by NT Wright and Stanley K. Stowers.

The following week we will begin our close reading of three different political philosophers engagement with Paul. In the second session we will look at Jacob Taubes‘ seminal work The Political Theology of PaulHis lectures were what paved the way for two of the most talked about texts in political philosophy. In weeks 3 and 4 we will walk through Alain Badiou‘s Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism.  In weeks 5 and 6 we will do a close reading of Slavoj Zizek‘s The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity.  

The class includes over 10 hours of live-streamed nerdiness for just 30 bucks. Each session will be a live streamed video-cast w/ some introductory remarks about the thinkers, conversational walkthrough the texts, and interaction with the participants. Following the session it will be available for download on the class page along with links to the archived video, supplemental reading material, and the class discussion board. Each session will begin at 6pm pst (9pm est).

Go here to sign up.