reconcileNew year, new office(s)… The HBCultureCast crew occupy a new recording space, Amy talks about a big change she recently made, yet other things haven’t changed. 2015 is off to a rough start with the massacre of a dozen people at the French satire magazine “Charlie Hebdo” and a bombing at the NAACP office in Colorado Springs. John Stewart recently expressed hope that this year would see an end to the violence that marked 2014, but will it?.

Our interview is with John Paul Lederach about his book Reconcile. Many of our regular listeners will recall that we first aired this piece back in September of 2014, but the content is so timely we felt it deserved another listen. If 2015 is going to be a year of peace, we must actively work for it. Lederach tells us what that work looks like.

In the Echo Chamber, Amy, Christian, and Andy reflect on the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, the lack of press regarding the NAACP bombing in Colorado, and the timeliness of the film SELMA. As they turn to Amy’s Fear of the Week things get a little ragey and a little weird… naked yoga, anyone?

selma-movie-posterFinally, the crew recommends a couple films that you might wanna check out. SELMA promises to be one of the most important films of 2015 and oh so timely. It was just released nationally in theaters. SALINGER offers an in-depth look at the reclusive author’s life, with interviews from people who knew him or were inspired by him. J.D. Salinger was a deeply troubled man and this film explores the events that shaped him. Christian also lets us know that you can sign up now to receive updates on his Jesus Project – just go to