tftp_Twitter_Header3-1024x341IMG_4910_2This is the second half of the  live podcast from the American Academy of Religion 2014. The evening was sponsored by Fortress Press, was supplied with delicious beer by Monkish Brewing Co & featured Catherine Keller, John Cobb and Jack Caputo.

Check out part 1 HERE

In part 2 you will hear Jack Caputo reflect on Catherine’s book ‘Cloud of the Impossible’.  He also wants to be clear: he is not a death of God theologian.

John Cobb and Catherine Keller then give him some pushback and it gets a little feisty.

The New Publishing Partnership

At the end Tony Jones announces the publishing partnership with Fortress and Homebrewed Christianity. The upcoming Homebrewed Christianity 10653370_807752369288009_1575330671555985864_nGuide To series is a new way for us to expand our grassroots theology campaign.  Next year we hope to get the first two or three texts out and plan to release ten volumes over three years. Because the series itself comes out of what all the HBC community has developed over the last 7 years we will be getting some of our best guests to write in the series and will have some sweet opportunities for the Deacons to get involved.

We are very excited about the two podcasts from AAR and the Fortress partnership so if you were NOT at AAR and didn’t get a chance to get a pint glass, a sweet signed copy of the Keller beer logo or the John Cobb poster then share both of the AAR episodes on twitter & Facebook. We will put all the names in a hat and then mail the winners some of the sweet swag. So be kind and tag us so we find you!