Beer and Hymns ProtestersOn Christian’s recent “postChristian” book tour stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he caused quite a stir. No, folks weren’t distressed by his claims of the decline of Christian empire, or his challenges to the religious powers that be…

They were up in arms about serving 3.2 percent beer in (GASP!) church.

The weekend culminated in a Beer and Hymns event at East Side Christian Church (DOC), followed by this live CultureCast recording with Christian, Phillips Theological Seminary’s own Josh Linton, and Amy via Skype. But it also welcomed four local news channels who covered the event, after a local Fox affiliate, and then CNN, took the scandalous story national.

Oh, and aside from the low-point beer, here’s a taste of what we had on tap during the show:

  • A Lesbian universalist minister singing a song on behalf of marriage equality;
  • A discussion about the theological and justice implications of marijuana;
  • A remote “ten in the den,” quiz show, in which Pastor Mark Driscoll features prominently;
  • A handful of Church Sign Epic Fails, and;
  • Amy’s double dose of her Fear of the Week.

We tried to get some of the street protesters picketing outside (no joke) to come join us on the show, but to no avail. So the photo above will have to suffice.

Ahh Tulsa, I love ya, you nut.