I am pretty pumped that Fortress Press is investing in real deal theology written for the people. Too many authors, publishers, and clergy keep theology in footnotes, block quotes, and $100 texts for libraries.  Now there is going to be a line at one of the most excellent religion publishers dedicated to raising the level of the conversation at your local tavern, church parking lot and Facebook stream.

Personally I am glad they brought in Tony Jones to be a part of it and am thrilled they are sponsoring the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast LIVE at AAR/SBL this year in San Diego.  Because Fortress wants to get the word out, if you come in person you will get some serious swag made of glass that holds a liquid treat.  This liquid treat may be a beer brewed in honor of our podcast guest Catherine Keller.  Who knows what could happen? Clearly you should be there for the hype and hang out with us afterwards.

Did I mention John Cobb and Jack Caputo will be there as well?!! Go here for more details. If you are coming & want to chill after tweet\email me.