This year during the American Academy of Religion is in San Diego.  On Friday night, November 21st from 7 – 9 pm CobbNewthere shall be a LIVE podcast experience that will make geekdom quake and every nerd shake.

In Room 202A at the Hilton Bayfront people shall gather and encounter a theological spectacular.  The Homebrewed crew will be joined by none other than Catherine Keller,  John Cobb, and John Caputo.


The evening will be packed with podcast excellence.  You will hear…

*an interview with Keller about her new book Cloud of the Impossible

*a discussion between Cobb & Keller about the future of Process theology and theological education

*Caputo will engage Keller’s new text and possibly lapse into metaphysical thinking under the lure of her thought (and/or a couple brews)

*Cobb & Caputo will both respond to 3 questions Keller has carefully crafted to draw out possible connections between the two JCs.

* Cobb will get an award for being the first HBC guest to total up 500,ooo downloads

* Keller will get a beer christened in her honor… with a sweet logo… there may be chilled samples

* LASTLY there will an Epic announcement of something super sweet that shall remain a mystery until that evening.

The live podcast is being sponsored by Fortress Press. They will have some serious goodness for those who attend.

PS… Regular HBC listeners, our Deacons, know that we often call John Cobb and John Caputo the other two JCs of the podcast.  I have it on good authority that whenever two JCs gather and their thought is woven and folded together by a theopoetic master such as Catherine Keller the original JC is likely to appear.