March 2014 in San Diego TransFORM provided Homebrewed with three firsts:906834_10151969087216652_2120440021182625425_o

  • The debut of a new gameshow “En Fuego!
  • Joerg Rieger says nice things about capitalism
  • Tripp lost a preach-off (to Peter Matthews pictured right)

We had a blast catching up with old friends and meeting tons of new folks. Rebekah Berndnt and Micky Jones were great contestants for En Fuego! and Joerg Rieger was a good sport for Bo’s pro-capitalist chiding.

You will hear plugs for George Fox Seminary and Chalice Press – both sponsors at the time.

Check out Joerg Rieger’s books here and make sure to come to our upcoming live events at AAR in November, at Christianity 21 in Phoenix (January), and at Progressive Youth Ministry in Chicago (March).

Peter Matthews and Anthony Smith were there to tell you to tune into Soul Emergence Radio. Make sure to read Micky’s blogs over at Emergent Village.