Micky’s Bookshelf

So, since Bo and now Callid have decided to give you a peak into the wild and zesty bookshelf of a Homebrewed Christianity podcaster, I thought I would join in the fun. I am actually inspired by a conversation I had with a deacon after this year’s Wild Goose 3D Event. A young, religious studies student asked me, “How do I read all the “other stuff” that I find interesting and voices I want to listen to (aka women, people of color, etc), when I have to read the “canon” of theological literature?

My answer….Make a new canon! You decide what is the basis of your theological journey.

So here are mine….so far…they have changed and will change as I continue through life and seminary. Not exactly standard fare and I’m totally okay with that. I probably have hundreds of books and this is just a sampling of important reads within the past few years. As we change, our books change, as they also change us in the process.

These are in no particular order.

What are some of your new favorite or most loved books?