ResizeImageHandler.ashx8565330_orig Ian McFarland is on the podcast for the first time and he’s talking about his new book From Nothing: A Theology of Creation.  Dr. McFarland is a professor of theology at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology in the ATL .  During the interview I found out he earned his PhD at Yale with former guest Kathryn Tanner.  It was an amazing conversation in which we discuss the nature of God, Creation, evil, divine action, providence and eschatology.  Not only that but at the end of the podcast you get a personal invitation to join the fan club for Maximus the Confessor

In the podcast we discuss our previous conversation with Catherine Keller and her text The Face of the Deep.  We also make reference to the session from the American Academy of Religion title ‘Creatio ex Nihilio?’ that featured six different voices debating the doctrine and then the follow-up TNT episode.