mark-driscollIt seems this episode is dedicated to all the bad boys out there. Not that we planned it, but between talking about the Ray Rice abuse scandal, Mark Driscoll being on the outs with Mars Hill (and every woman on the planet) and our interview with photojournalist Gregg Brekke, who just got back from Northern Iraq, it seems we’re up to our necks in evildoers.

Thanks George Dubya, for that little gem.

Gregg shares some fascinating stories about his time with the World Council of Churches, preparing a report for the U.N. about displaced Christians – and non-Christians, for that matter – as ISIS plunders their way through one town after another. We get the real scoop on what Iraqi citizens think about U.S. intervention, and we talk about how challenging nonviolence becomes when your family’s life is at risk.

Check out some of Gregg’s incredible photo work from the trip HERE.

Then we move on to the interesting similarities between Ray Rice and Mark Driscoll, or at least between the institutions that have a knack for protecting such destructive behavior when it benefits them. Yeah, Church, I just compared you to the NFL. Suck that bitter medicine down…and like it!

We break out some TV, book and beer recommendations toward the end of the show, bust out a shiny new fear of the week, and Christian shows off his fancy-pants new beer flight sampler trays. His neighbor says he’s now taking orders, so no need to be jealous. Get your own!