the-good-manIt’s hard to make a film. Period. It’s damn hard to make a good film. If you’ve never made a film before, it’s really, bloody, damn hard to make a good one. But first-time filmmaker Phil Harrison has done just that. Not only is his first feature, The Good Man, beautifully written and shot and brilliantly acted (in Ireland and South Africa, no less), the narrative is loaded with implications ripe for theological, ethical, political, and economic discussions in our tightly-connected global community. To paraphrase the old saying, if a man is killed in Ireland, does it make a sound in South Africa?

On Saturday night, September 20th, we’ll not only have the opportunity to screen The Good Man, but to talk with Phil about all things philosophy, theology (and he’s no slouch on those two fronts either), and film during a live Homebrewed Christianity podcast. Afterwards, we’ll continue and liven up (if possible) the conversation at a local watering hole.
Really hope you can make it.  For tickets, directions, and more info.

The Good Man trailer from Manifesto Films on Vimeo.