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And now…

This week on the show we have the first of a series of crossovers with Syndicate Theology. SYNDICATE logoSyndicate is “a new forum for scholars to collaborate and comment on their research.” It is sweet. A crew of writers write essay length pieces on a given book and then the book’s author replies to the pieces in writing. And then the essayists get to respond too. All online. In front of your eyes! Why does it matter to you Deacons? Because we’re going to be teaming up with Syndicate and interviewing a number of their books authors, releasing the interviews the same time the essays are going up.

This week?

Cecilia González-Andrieu discussing her book Bridge to Wonder: Art as a Gospel of Beauty.

In the interview she covers the link between aesthetics and ethics, discusses the theological role of wonder, and asks what the opposite of Beauty is, suggesting that the answer is important for contemporary theology. Connect with her on her Facebook page and make sure to read some in-depth engagements with the book that she is talking in this interview about over at Syndicate.

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