The ABC’s of Theology series has come to an end. Below is a list of all the posts and podcasts.A-Atonement

I had planned to do a second round of the alphabet for theologians who you need to know about. That will, unfortunately, need to wait for another day. A family situation and a new semester of school will require a lot of energy.

I’m going to scale back and post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


I was looking forward to contrasting Andrea Smith and some Anabaptists.

I thought it would be fun to juxtapose the work of Dianna Butler-Bass and the Boff Brothers.

I was going to pair our podcasts with Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Catherine Keller.

I was chomping at the bit to look at Mark C. Taylor alongside Paul Tillich.

There was a cool plan to highlight the work of  Andrew Sung-Park and James Cone.


I have really enjoyed the series and look forward to seeing all of the posts and transcripts come into an Ebook soon.


You can catch up on the whole series below:

A is for Atonement

B is for Baptism 

C is for Christology 

ABC Podcast (TNT)

D is for Deconstruction 

E is for Empire 

F is for Fideism 

DEF Podcast (TNT)

G is for Genre

H is the Hermeneutics 

I is for Infallible, Inerrant, Impassible, Immutable 

GHI Podcast (TNT)

J is for Justification

K is for Kenosis (and Kingdom) 

L is for Liberation (and Logos) 

Podcast for J K L (TNT)

M is for Metaphor (and metaphysics)

N is for Neoplatonism

O is for Open & Relational 

Podcast for M N O (TNT)

P is for Perichoresis

Q is for Quest for the Historical Jesus 

R is for Revelation and the Book of Revelation

Podcast for P Q R (TNT)

S is for Salvation

T is for Theopoetics 

U is for Universalism (and Ultimate Concern)

Podcast for S T U (TNT)

V is for Vatican II

W is for the Word of God

X is for X-ray 

Y is for Y2K 

Z is for Zebra