postChristian - out Aug. 12, 2014This week’s show runs a bit long, but it’s chock full of such good stuff! Like, why do you get sunburned when you go skiing? Amy knows the answer, and it might surprise you… What’s a “keezer” and why are Andy and Christian so geeked out about it? Hear Christian and Amy pile on Andy for bringing his own insulated cup places and putting his pajamas on right after dinner.

Andy and Amy channel their inner Zach Galifianakis and turn the tables on Christian, interviewing him about his forthcoming book postChristian: What’s Left, Can We Fix It, Do We Care? They were, indeed, situated between two ferns. Not to be dissuaded, Christian guides his hapless interviewers through the impetus for the book and how he hopes it adds to the broader conversation regarding what is happening in Christianity right now. Christian talks about the really sweet deal he’s put together for listeners who want him to come talk about the book – he’s going to waive his speaking fee! The book is out August 12, 2014 and can be found through book retailers everywhere. Preorder your copy here.

In the Echo Chamber, the team shares their hopes and fears for their tween kids, slowly coming to grips with the reality that they are on the cusp of having surly, profanity-spewing teenagers sulking around the house. How do Christian parents faithfully guide their children through this time of changes? Things turn even more serious when the team then tries to come up with a Christian answer to Putin and what’s going on in Russia, but their ideas all seem to fall flat. They need your help with some creative, nonviolent responses to the situation there!

 Amy has a “de-recommendation” and Christian has to eat some crow with his recommendation of the week. Amy’s FOTW comes on the end of a really hard week but, as Andy notes, also inspires a bit of hope.