Micky Getting Animated

Wild Goose 2014 was a seriously wet podcast. Despite the rain we had a blast thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary who sponsored the beer steins for brews & John Vest who smoked some yummy BBQ pork.  This is just a 55 minute sample of the 2 hours of excitement.

Tripp & Amy’s Hair Looks Rained on… but Christian’s

Tripp, Amy, Micky, & Christian spend some talking with Everyday Sunday’s Trey Pearson.  Last year at the Goose he not only visited the podcast but began his year long conversation with Tripp & Christian about progressive Christianity.  While he definitely resonates with a lot of it he has some lingering questions hours of podcast listening has not cleared up. So hear comes Amy and Micky to the rescue. Hopefully they will be able to lure Trey over to team awesome.  You shall see.