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Hello Deacons! Unfolded has returned, and we’re back with a remarkable short story by Lutheran Minister and writer Jake Bouma.

The Mute Monk is a captivating parable that will have you contemplating themes of grace, forgiveness, memory, and fate long after you’ve finished listening.

JakeBoumaJake is an ecclesial junkie, aspiring polymath, and cancer survivor who currently serves as Director of Youth & Family Ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2012, Jake was diagnosed with and treated for Hodgkin lymphoma, a journey which is intimately captured in a forthcoming feature-length documentary titled “Let’s Do This: Facing Hodgkin Lymphoma.” During treatment, Jake solicited contributions from distinguished Christian thinkers like Brian McLaren, Carol Howard Merritt, Kester Brewin, and more for a series on his blog titled “Cancer & Theology,” which will is available on Amazon and features exclusive new essays. Information about the documentary and the “Cancer & Theology” project can be found by visiting Jake’s website at http://jakebouma.com

Jake is also co-founder of Elbow Co., a venture that offers “ministry resources by and for church nerds,” including a youth and young adult biblical purity curriculum and an every-other-weekly email with recommended reading on religion, culture, and ministry. Elbow Co. is on the web at http://elbowco.organd Twitter at @ElbowCo.

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