Greg & Tripp Chatting

Get ready for part 2 of ‘Ten Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101′.  The first half was pretty exciting and things don’t slow down here.

In this episode Tripp is  joined again by Greg Horton, ex-pastor and undergrad religion professor in Oklahoma to look of  a list of 10 Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101.

Greg Horton was one of the inspirations behind starting the podcast.  Tripp have stalked him online for a long time and then we got to have some fun in person on my visit to Oklahoma.  It was turned into this popular episode of the podcast.  Then he came back on the podcast to share 10 Dirty Secrets About Being a Minister.  Way back when he had a podcast called ‘the Parish’ on the wired parish podcast network. Back then he was an emergent Christian and has since left the building. Throughout his journey I have loved following his blog,hearing about his undergrad religion and ethics students, and thinking through some of the serious criticisms he has leveled against the church. Plus he also does some wine reviews.

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