BU PHOTO SERVICES     (KWZ)     9/23  RAMBO, SHELLY  STH PROF.    04-2526Callid had the opportunity to sit down and talk with constructive theologian Shelly Rambo. In their conversation they walked through some of the major points of her book Spirit and Trauma. In the course of the recording they talked about Derrida, the psychology of trauma, non-linear time, and zombies. Good stuff.

She makes clear that her work is not a self-help project, but a reconsideration of our insistence on the climax of Christian faith being the resurrection. She does not deny the resurrection at all, but she asks why we are so ready to skip over Holy Saturday and the time when Jesus was dead. This is a book not just for people who have been directly challenged by traumatic events, but for anyone who wants theology to more holistically address human experience.

You’re going to like this, deacons.