whaleplatterYes, we’re late on getting this post-Easter show out. Whaddaya want, your money back?

As we try to recover from our collective post-Easter hangovers, the topics range from stomach-turning in the gross sense to stomach turning in the scary sense. Nothing like variety!

Andy quizzes the CultureCast team on the best way to remove a dead whale from the beach, and then they move on to such savory topics as sex scandals within the Biblical Patriarchy (aka, Quiverfull) movement. You mean that when you repress people sexually and deprive women of autonomy, something could go wrong? Shocking!

We also take on the recent anti-semitic brouhaha in Ukraine, along with all the cities that will soon be underwater, apps to be afraid of and top it all off with a seventies black punk band called “Death.”

Just your average day in the peanut gallery with the CultureCast nerds.

Mad props to our sponsors, Phillips Theological Seminary and the Wild Goose Festival. Thanks to Phillips for stepping up to be the sole sponsor of the Homebrewed Christianity live show this year at Wild Goose! Expect fun and swag to flow freely when these folks all get together. And who knows? There might be some more intimate campfire chats hosted by Phillips as well. Stay tuned.

As for the Goose, the theme of “Living Liberation” will be taken on by, among others, Stephen Lewis. Lewis is the President of the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE), which focuses on cultivating a new generation of Christian leaders. He has more than fifteen years of experience in corporate and nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, program development and group facilitation. The event is in Hot Springs, North Carolina from August 26-29, and tickets are flying off the virtual shelves. Grab a pair (no, just tickets) before they’re gone.