dreyfusAmy shows off her yodeling and confesses that she and Christian *might* have a problem with Candy Crush.

In the echo chamber, the Andy talks about the Heartbleed internet security flaw and why maybe you should hold off on changing all your passwords. The crew talks about how Chick-Fil-A may be getting back into their good graces with their new focus on healthier food options.

After that, Amy wonders about whether or not Jesus had a wife? New evidence supports the authenticity of a papyrus fragment that seems to support that he did. Even if it is authentic, does it make a difference? Christian thinks that the contrasting responses are more about our sexual hang-ups than anything else. Colin Kaepernick’s recent bad behavior gets some airtime and Rolling Stone’s graphic’s department may need to take remedial US History.

Andy gets in on Amy’s fear of the week as he freaks out about the coming ant uprising in Oregon. Lots of things to recommend from Mike Judge’s new show on HBO, “Silicon Valley,” to FX’s “Archer” and … Colbert?

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