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bookWhy write a liberal theology?  That’s a good question & we got an interview size answer!  Buckle your theological safety belt because this episode is going to get seriously awesome.  If you remember Dr. Ottati’s last visit to the podcast then you are already excited!  Professor Ottati is the Craig Family Distinguished Professor in Reformed Theology and Justice Ministry at Davidson College in North Carolina.  He is one of the best communicators I know.  Not only is he a top-notch nerd but he has a strong love for the church and bringing theological goodness into local congregations.

PS. Ottati rocks the name game with a level of skill that rivals Jurgen Moltmann’s fun with Tony Jones and I.

On top of the most awesome first volume of Theology for Liberal Protestants you can check out Theology for Liberal Presbyterians and Other Endangered SpeciesReforming Protestantism: Christian Commitment in Today’s World, and Hopeful Realism: Recovering the Poetry of Theology.

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