Phyllis Tickle is on her last public speaking tour and celebrating the release of her new book The Age of the Spirit.  She has long been the Matriarch of emergence Christianity, sage of the ecclesiological frontier, and the most popular advocate for ‘rummage sales‘ I know.  I would have called her The Evangelist of the Future but the title was already taken… for a book also being released in Tickle’s honor. Not only will she be at Fuller Seminary March 6th for your theological enjoyment but she will be joined by Tony Jones and Ryan Bolger.

FTS-Campus-MapThe fun will start at 5pm at the Brehm Center on Fuller’s Campus.  You will get to hear Phyllis last public lecture followed by Tripp interviewing her with Tony and Ryan about the changing shape of the church.  The conversation will wrap up around 6:15 in time for you to get the book and get it signed before heading to round 2 for the evening.

Getting to see Phyllis in action is a real treat.  Seeing her for free is even better so plan to get her book and get it signed for your Mom’s next birthday.  I know my Mom loves reading Phyllis.


<<<<—— that is a map of Fuller Seminary. You should use it so you don’t get lost and are on time.


After the book signing our friends at (a)Spire (a sweet UCC church plant across the street) will be hosting an aspire on light-dreenafter party, Theology Nerd Throwdown, & homebrewed extravaganza.   There shall be deep thoughts, tasty brews, tunes, and laughter.  Tripp also plans to challenge Tony to a rematch of au contraire mon frere, some of you will battle it out in Theopardy, & another bit of Tickle excitement that shall not be named but it may be labeled… you can also drink it…

For the podcast you will only need 10 bucks.  We will be releasing our brand new Homebrewed Christianity Belgian beer or ice tea glass at the event.  You will get the glass and an assortment of things to fill it with.  There is even a homebrewing member of (a)Spire who shall be bringing her deliciousness to share.




<<<<—- That is a map to a(Spire). You can always just follow the locals across the street.