sinatra bourbonWhat goes better with Valentine’s Day than a nice glass of bourbon? Forget the chocolates and frilly cards; join us for a glass of your favorite whiskey and catch up bourbon value buys, bourbon tasting and a bit of bourbon culture and history.

Christian Piatt and Patrick DonVito break it down this week over a couple of rocks glasses full of Elijah Craig 12-year-old bourbon. They talk about the reason it is so tasty, while also being affordable, while also revealing some of the folklore behind this popular (relatively) small-batch distillate.

We’re interested in what you think of this segment. Keep it as part of the CultureCast? Spin it off into it’s own show (working title: “Angel’s Share”)? Trash it and never talk about whiskey ever again?

Speak up, and we’ll listen. Can’t say we’re the best at following instruction, but I promise we’ll at least listen!