I am excited to announce a day-long workshop with Peter Rollins and friends.  It will be hosted at my church, Neighborhood Church of Palos Verdes UCC & then move to Monkish Brewing Company for a beer release and podcast.  It shall be EPIC.  You should come.  Get your tickets now.

Here’s the event promo…

Join incendiary Northern Irish philosopher and theologian, Peter Rollins, and a cadre of hand-selected presenters, artists and musicians for a day of discussion and reflection on the role of the church for those pursuing a life of faith.

The daytime portion of the event will involve a mix of talks, workshops, reflections, music, magic and plenty of time for networking and learning from your peers. We’ll be exploring innovative and subversive ways of rethinking the role of church life—ways that question old orthodoxies and the age-old distinctions between theism and atheism, faith and faithlessness, spirituality and materiality and that open up new paths that embrace doubt, complexity and ambiguity.

In the evening, we’ll descend upon the Monkish Brewing Company where the networking will continue, accompanied by a Homebrewed Christianity event, live music, close-up magic and the exclusive launch of a specialty Lenten beer, lovingly crafted by New Testament scholar turned Brew Master Henry Nguyen (the first one’s on us).

This event is aimed toward anyone interested in the theory and practice of the Future Church (pastors, youth leaders, students, etc.). Walk away from the day with some new ideas for ripping away the curtain that protects your community from a more authentic presence…and develop a few new friendships along the way.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, anyone who’s around the night before can come out for pre-game drinks at a bar that will be revealed after registration.

There’re only 50 places for the event so get your tickets HERE.