Jimmy Eat World drummer Zack Lind sits down in the tour bus with Tripp Fuller for a casual theo-chat.

1476058_989240132753_1039740696_nZack is a long time deacon who linked us with Rob Bell for the first time. By the end of this episode Tripp has ordained him Bishop of Arizona.  Don’t worry, they cover a lot of ground on their way to that.

If you are an emergent type – you will want to pay special attention in the 15-20 minute marks. Zack has a very interesting take that is sure to become a conversation this next week.

Follow Bishop Zach on twitterCheck out his blog.  Go Purchase the new Jimmy Eat World album & turn it up!  Check out the official HBC brew of Arizona – Hop Knot.

Cover Photo is via the Zildjian website

This one via Tripp’s Instagram.

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