Cobb LogoJohn Cobb is the world’s foremost Process theologian & Tripp’s personal hero.  He has been on the podcast a number of times but this time we are going to talk about Jesus, the season of Advent, & a Process understanding of the Incarnation.  We hope you enjoy it & go subscribe to the new Barrel Aged podcast stream so you get the next Advent podcast.  Here’s the feedburner feed.

Want to read some of Cobb’s Christology? Then go check out Christ in a Pluralistic Age.

With over 5 years of interviews under out belt – having gone from just friends listening to 50k – realizing that there are a ton of people who can’t get the best interviews from the past – let us introduce you to Homebrewed Christianity Barrel Aged podcast. I will be re-releasing the best interviews from the early days, super-short new intros, and hopefully doctored audio. In order to keep getting these podcasts you will need to go subscribe to the Barrel Aged podcast stream HERE. While you are there review us and share the word.

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Come Join Tripp & Jonnie for the Conference, Live Podcast and Craft Brewery Fun.
Come Join Tripp & Jonnie for the Conference and Craft Brewery Fun.

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