As long as you are Christmas shopping, you might as well pick up some resources that will be helpful in 2014! books1

In early 2014 we have an Eco-Theology series called “HomeBrewed Grown Christianity” all about-earth care and lovin’ God. It will be a 5 part series with a TNT follow-up will be the final (6th) in the initial run.

Episode 1: Leah Kostamo Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling, and Community   Kindle ($9.99) Paperback ($17.99)

Episode 2: Matthew Sleeth Serve God Save The Planet , The Gospel According to the Earth & 24/6 about Sabbath. (Kindle $2.99)

Episode 3: Jennifer Butler is part of the new Christian Earthkeeping emphasis at George Fox Seminary. She is co-author of the upcoming book On Earth As In Heaven due out in November.

Episode 4: Randy Woodley with  Shalom and the Community of Creation: an Indigenous Vision  


You are also going to want to pick up Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit by Grace Ji-Sun Kim – whose HBC interview comes out this week.

We aslo have interviews coming up with Bruce Reyes-Chow author of But I Don’t See You as Asian: Curating Conversations About Race and Carol Howard Merritt about her books Reframing Hope and Tribal Church.

You might want to get ready for our special series on Practical Theology by picking up Greenhouses of Hope edited by Dori Grinenko Baker.

We have also been notified on good authority (by the author) that The Insistence of God is coming out on audible!!!   Get the Kindle edition or paperback to follow along.

OH!  Don’t forget about the upcoming 2014 interview with our favorite liberation theologian Joerg Rieger –  Religion, Theology, and Class: Fresh Engagements after Long Silence (New Approaches to Religion and Power). It shall be EPIC.

All in all it looks like there is something here on the list for every theology nerd in your life!    I will also ask Callid & Tripp if they have a couple of suggestions …