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Welcome to a special bonus episode of Unfolded. Matt and I (Jesse) decided that it would be cool to give folks a peek under the hood, so to speak. We’ll be interviewing our guest contributors in an effort to explore art and creativity in-depth, and hopefully capture a glimpse of their creative process.

This inaugural episode features poet Dave Harity, who wrote and narrated Through the Motions, which was featured on episode 9 of Unfolded. Sit back and enjoy the chat as we talk about how Dave feels about the creative process, getting paid for art and particular superpowers that might interest him.

HarrityAuthorPhotoDave Harrity is an author and teacher from Louisville Kentucky, where he lives with his wife and kids. He is the author of Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity and the Kingdom at Hand, which is available at seedbed.com. He is also the founder of Antler, a community building organization that exists to help people engage creativity as a devotional practice for spiritual formation. You can connect with Dave on twitter @daveharrity.

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