Government-ShutdownOur guest for this week unexpectedly fell through, so you get a full dose of Christian, Amy and Jordan this time.

We start out by taking it to our esteemed legislators in D.C. for their inability to get along with others as well as we expect by four-year-old daughter to behave. And after a fairly substantive excavation of all things political and socio-economic, we move on to Jordan’s favorite topic: FOOD.

Jordan is fairly obsessed with extolling the virtues of MSG lately, so when the cover story on this month’s Wried Magazine was all about “umami,” and what makes certain foods taste so amazing, he basically blissed out. Want to hear Jordan get ecstatic about a Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco? This is the show for you, my friend.

Finally, we break down the new fall Television season, highlighting the shows we have on our “must watch list.” Think of it as our gift to you; we suffer through hours of couch time so you don’t have to.

Ain’t that freakin’ sweet of us?