It’s your lucky day! How would you like 90 free minutes of a High Gravity nerdy fiesta?

Well here it is.  Philip Clayton kicks off the newest High Gravity online class with an introduction to the Religion & Science debate, followed by a conversation between the two of us.  High Gravity classes are 6 week online classes hosted by Homebrewed that take the Geek level up a notch.  You can download the last one with Peter Rollins or sign up for this one here.  More details below but for now just check out this first class…


** PS ** To the right of the volume button you can cycle through different video shots. You don’t have to have the presentation screen all over your screen.

This is the first session of an amazing 6 week journey through Science and Religion w/ Philip Clayton. Taste and you will see that this nerdiness is good! For just 30 bucks you get x6 – 90 minutes sessions, a private group for convo, power point prez to use, articles to check out and sweet nuggets of wisdom to drop over the next brew with friends. You can Stream Live, Watch Later, or Download the Audio for your iPod.  Head over to our store to sign up HERE.