Caputo and Derrida in Actual Churches

Exploring the Influence of (a stream of) Postmodern Thought on Christian Practices

Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion
Saturday, November 23

7:00 pm 9:00 pm
Loch Raven Room II
Sheraton Inner Harbor

We’ve assembled a panel of speakers planning to address concrete, physical Christian activities which have been influenced by post-modern thought. That is, we are primarily interested not in post-modern reflections upon Christian practices, but in hearing about embodied practices that have been influenced, adapted, or instituted because of work by, or related to, Jacques Derrida and/or John Caputo. Check out the paper titles below, and/or read the full descriptions of the abstracts of these papers here.

This is My Body: Deconstruction, Eucharist, and Community
Joel Avery & Keegan Osinski

A Différant Kind of Preaching: Derrida, Caputo and the Deconstruction of Contemporary Homiletics
Jacob D. Myers

Weak Chaplaincy: Employing Caputo’s “Weak Theology” in Clinical Pastoral Settings
George Schmidt

Jack and Jacques walk into a church: Theopoetic Practices at Work in a Christian Community
Jeremy Fackenthal


Response(s) from John D. Caputo


See you in Baltimore!