Tonight we are convening the annual Fuller v Claremont/HBC Corn-Hole Tournament. Tony Jones is in town with his Fuller DMin cohort and they are coming out to the coast to hang with us this evening.

After the frivolity and games we are going to turn on the microphones and play a different type of game.

Now, both Tripp and Tony have let their positions be known on a vast array of issues. We pretty much know where they are coming from … so tonight we are going to set it up a little differently.

1) I will be sitting between them moderating a different type of dialogue.

2) Statements will come in quick succession and when one of them takes a position, the other is required to be a contrarian – something they both have the ability to do.


Please send your one sentence scenarios to: 


Here are some sample style starters:

  • “Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life is still more influential than all of Rob Bell’s books combined.”


  • ” Twitter is a great way to hash (tag) out controversy because it is democratic.”


Please do not post questions here as I will not have me computer with me at the event. I will compile the questions and try to sequence them for the most entertaining exchange.