Tevyn East

Last week Callid spent some time talking to Tevyn East, who is a Christian, performance artist, and dancer. She is the artistic vision behind Leaps and Bounds and Blood on the Cedars, dramatic shows that she wrote and starred in, touring the country with her unique integration of Ched Meyers-inspired Sabbath Economics, modern dance, poetry, and song. Currently she is at work in the development stage of The Carnival de Resistance, a communal, “traveling arts carnival, village demonstration project, and school for cultural transformation.” With plans to launch in the fall of 2013, The Carnival is currently slated to unfold in two locations – Harrisonburg VA – Sept. 13th – Sept. 22nd and Charlottesville VA – Sept 26th – Oct. 6th.

Callid talked to Tevyn about the biblical foundations of her performance work, her vision for the Carnival, and why she uses the arts to talk about theology. More info (and a chance to donate to the Carnival fund-raising campaign) is here and in the video below.


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